GlobalGrace Fellowship is excited that you are participating in REFRESH 22!


July 10 - July 16th, 2022


Dallas, TX (DFW Airport)

Please complete the questionnaire and provide the necessary information regarding your travel to REFRESH 22.


In order to make your travel as stress free and seamless as possible, we are working through our partners at STG Travel to coordinate the international travel itineraries for all Refresh 22 participants. This will allow GlobalGrace to track arriving flights and schedules, and also arrange airport pickup and return.

Working through STG Travel provides the best fares and itineraries that meet your needs. STG also provides a 24/7 contact number that can be used for emergencies and last-minute changes related to your flights and itinerary.

If you require additional travel while in the USA, please provide as much specific information as possible so the STG Travel agent can suggest an itinerary to meet your travel needs.

You are responsible for paying STG Travel for your flights. Checks, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Contact Information

First (As it appears on your passport)
Last (As it appears on your passport)
Unless you have different dates or request travel to additional locations STG Travel will schedule you to arrive at Dallas TX, (DFW) on July 10, 2022 and depart July 16, 2022. If you require different arrival or return dates, or additional air travel while in the USA, please describe above – including cities and dates

Additional Travelers

Contact info for additional travelers and family members traveling with you